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Monologue Coaching & Audition Prep.

Whether you're on video in a live audition or preparing for a monologue or presentation, 

you want to show up in a way that doesn't diminish your hard work and intent, right?


I meet you where you are in your journey and customize sessions with you that elevate your "on camera" game to better match your unique and beautiful message – so you can show up on "THE" day as your most prepared self, feeling confident and having fun too.

Perfect for you if you are a...

High School Student

You're a student who

needs a safe space to get

warm & empowering coaching for an audition or speech competition

College Student

You're a student who

needs coaching support for a rock-solid audition or presentation 

Professional Actor

You are an actor who submits self-tape auditions from home


$150  1 virtual session

(1 hour)

$425  3-session package

(three 1 hour sessions) 

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