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Monologue Coaching & Audition Prep.

Whether you're on video with your internal teams or connecting to your clients virtually, 

you want to show up in a way that doesn't diminish your message or credibility, right?


I meet you where you are in your journey and craft an at-home setup with you that elevates your videos to better match your brilliant message – so you can show up in your work with confidence and ease.

Perfect for you if you are a:

High School Student

ABAABYou get on video at home with your internal team(s)

College Student

ABABABYou connect to your clients via live or pre-recorded video from home

Professional Actor

ABABABYou are an actor who submits self-tape auditions recorded from home


FIX$197  1 virtual session

(1 hour)

FIX$525  3-session package

(three 1 hour sessions) 

Do I need this?

ABABABHow you're connecting with your audiences is central to your brand, right?

ABABABWouldn't it be great to hire a video editor who gets it?

ABABABI spent 17 years at a behavioral consulting company in New York City, where I collaborated with everyone from the project staff to the CEO to the Business Development team. 

I understand the client-facing scenarios, the internal team communication, and how we – (the individual) – have an imprint on our company's optics and brand. 

With an even longer background in stage & commercial acting, I provide a unique complement of on-camera, tech, and marketing consulting skills when working with my clients, keeping your goals top of mind and understanding how you prefer to connect with your clients.

Some people call this a "B2B" service. I just call it being conscientious.

In each of my projects, I've contributed varying degrees of service, depending on the need.

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