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 The seasons change where I live. 
 So does this photo of my
neighborhood park. 


I have a background in both acting and in behavioral research...and it can be argued there is a big overlap there.

Behavioral research (as applied to the marketing world):

Using video, in-person observation, and other digital techniques to uncover the challenges a retail store... or a bank, or a train station...could use some help with.

I've been all over the world, setting up cameras, capturing how we humans reveal our quirky behaviors, and editing that footage for Fortune 100 clients in various industries.

(The acting overlap? A lot of observing human behavior and diving into whatever makes a person do what they do.)

I enjoy being able to work with people in all kinds of businesses, discovering what it is that will represent them and their brand in the most effective way, and designing how all that comes together. The intersection of "business" and "creative" is where I have the most experience and feel most comfortable.​

Thank you for visiting. Please reach out and let me know how I can be of service.​


Video Editor | Video Consultant | Actor | Voiceovers 

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