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I produce and create short video content for small businesses and individuals who need to increase the video presence on their website and on social media, as well as for larger companies seeking a regular rollout of short video content to add to their brand recognition and client engagement.


I enjoy what happens before the shoot: working with you to pinpoint the goals of your project, your company and brand messaging. Coming up with creative and clear ways to connect with your clients is key. The "listening & ideas" phase is an important one often overlooked by other video companies. For me, it's not only essential, but exciting; it informs each step going forward.

Since I'm also a video editor (and am often editing the footage I took myself), I like to keep the final edit goals in mind as I shoot,​ understanding what I will and won't be able to use in the edit. When I happen to be both shooting and interviewing (just off camera), I like to uncover what moments might make for a good golden nugget or story and can engage with the interviewee in that direction.

I have 15 years of experience interviewing people either on-site or in their homes, and I enjoy being able to create a comfortable conversation with them where they might think of things they hadn't really given much thought to before –which makes for an authentic and engaging piece that people can connect with.

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